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  • Gluten Free Pizza

    Hi All,

    I've searched the threads and don't seem to see this addressed anywhere, so my apologies if it has been covered somewhere.

    I am curious what folks do in regards to cooking for the gluten-free among us. I've found a good enough crust recipe, but I'm struggling with the idea of cross contamination when cooking. My celiacs are concerned that cooking a gluten-free pizza on the same oven floor as the regular pizza is a no go. I figured the high temps would obliterate any gluten left behind, but that seems not to be the case (please, someone give me evidence that proves me/them wrong). So that's where this gets ridiculously difficult.

    If cooking pizza directly on the floor isn't an option, what is? We have thrown the idea around of sliding a baking steel or stone in, but I am not convinced that the stone would survive wfo temps. I think the steel would prevent the oven floor from heating properly if it went in first, and it would take a while to get up to temp if put in after cooking the regular pies. It's also a pain in the butt to move around. A large cast iron pan maybe? Does the pie then lose the great crust and become just another cast iron pizza?

    Someone please tell me I am significantly over-thinking this. There must be a simpler solution that isn't "don't invite the gluten-free friends".

    In gluten we trust,


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    Honestly, I wouldn't go that far if I were you. I don't think cross-contamination is an issue in this particular situation, honestly, don't worry about it.


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      Hmmm.....everything I read says that high heat does not destroy gluten. I never would have guessed.
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        I have the same problem - we cook our Mom's pizza in the kitchen oven and the wheat based ones in the WFO. We are usually using a Bob's Redmill GF pizza crust for her which we precook, add toppings and put back in the oven. If we used the WFO we figured we would need to use metal pans anyway so the house oven seemed just as easy. When we did try the WFO our pan was so thin that it "potato chipped" from the heat. I think DavidS has discussed finding some pans that work well in the high heat - you might want to PM him or do a search.
        Gluten contamination is real for folks that are sensitive. Mom can't even drink any alcohol distilled from grain, which I didn't believe when I first heard as I thought that all the distillate would have been pure alcohol. Potato vodka, rum, brandy are all OK but if distilled from grain she gets quite ill.
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          You could put your pizza on a circle of parchment paper and cook it like that , the paper will isolate your dough from cross contamination.. even from the paddle
          Did you find a flour recipe?


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            Hi Alexis
            My daughter is coeliac, and she’s been ill from cross contamination in Pizza restaurants a couple of times
            Think it was most likely from poor kitchen practices or flour in the air contaminating her Pizza, which was cooked in a regular oven and not the Pizza oven
            When we’ve cooked GF pizzas in our kitchen oven (in finishing stages of my WFO!) we haven’t had problems cooking Gluten pizzas on lower shelves at the same time
            Reckon cooking the pizza on parchment would work well
            but best if you cook the GF pizzas first!