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    G'day All,
    I've only had 3 pizza cook ups since my oven became usable, it's nearly finished. After looking through many posts I'm concerned a technique I've been using might not be the best. What I've been doing is rolling out the dough for all the pizza's to be cooked an hour or so before cooking starts. I cooked 12 last time and like many posts refer to we want a process which allows cooking of many pizza's efficiently. When it comes time to put the topping on the base, which has by then dried a little, I turn the base over and made the pizza on timber boards. I cut the boards out of plywood, they have handles and the pizza's easily slide off onto the oven floor. If we forget to turn a base over then it is very difficult to slide off. I will end up cutting out around 20 of these boards on which the pizza's are made, and served.
    My question relates to the time the base sits rolled out and the drying of the upper surface. Is that to be avoided because the drying out of one side will negatively effect the base? I sure hope not, or at lease it only has a minimal effect as it's a terrific way to get the pizza directly on the oven floor and works really well. I found the bases rise again as well while the wait to be topped.
    Whilst I didn't find it said directly, several posts sort of indicated not allowing the bases to dry out at all.
    Appreciate and thoughts.
    Adelaide, Australia.