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WFO Turkey - How'd you do it?

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  • WFO Turkey - How'd you do it?

    Hey Team WFO,

    Cooking the full turkey is on my list of 'what to cook next' in the WFO, and I am inspired by the stories I have read here on the FB Forum about cooking the bird. A search for 'turkey' doesn't give me a manageable list of cooked bird stories (I was surprised how often 'turkey' is used in conversation..).

    So my question to those who have traveled this path (cooked a WFO Turkey) is:

    How did you do it, and did you like the results?

    My biggest concern is about what temperature to start the bird, and about how long to cook the darn thing. What size bird did you start with. What was the oven temp to start - approximately.... Did you use foil to keep from drying out the top.. did you stuff the bird... you know, those kinds of questions...

    I'll appreciate any turkey cooking stories you can share!



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    Re: WFO Turkey - How'd you do it?

    Here are some good threads from last year... basically a turkey in a WFO seems to be fairly forgiving, you'd have to get a lot very wrong for it not to taste nice!

    Oh and btw... stuff it! Its a pity to roast a turkey without stuffing.
    "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)


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      Re: WFO Turkey - How'd you do it?


      Thanks for this collection of links. This is great information..

      After reading the comments from folks about their successes cooking these birds, I am anxious to give it a try!

      And yes, the stuffing is mandatory.



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