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          That is a beautiful picture right there!. I also appreciate that you are cooking with natural coals. I have only started eating lamb in the last very few years. It just wasn't readily available where I live. That's changing as more and more local farmers are raising sheep. I wasn't real crazy about the first that I tried years ago. It was on a cruise. I'm only guessing but, it may have been just the seasonings and the way it was prepared. Fast forward to a couple of years ago a friend of mine cooked a whole lamb on the pit. It was delicous.
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            Thanks Gulf... I call that cue... the keg o cue... completely made out of a stainless steel beer keg and all stainless hinges and grill... has given us 10 years of heavy service.. it smokes and drys food well as stainless holds heat for a long time..

            rack o lamb easy to come by but spendy here... my recipe is simple I use a light dusting of a dry pork rub... about mid way through the cook i baste with a mix 1:1 butter and franks hot sauce... spicy delicious lamb pops.. yum