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  • practice turkey

    With thanksgiving a week away, I decided to cook a practice turkey in the pizza oven.

    I lit a fire the day before and got it to pizza temps. Once the logs burned off I threw the door on.

    The turkey was a medium/ large size bird and was purchased for only 6 dollars.

    I brined it, which is just a fancy way of submerging it in a salt water solution overnight.
    This ensures a super moist turkey. 24 hours later pulled the turkey out of the brine, rubbed some salt, herbs and seasoning on
    it and placed it breast side up on a roasting pan.

    I threw 4 more logs in and lit a slow medium fire.
    Once these logs flamed off I slid the turkey in the oven and threw the door on.
    3.5 hours later, pulled it out and had a perfect turkey. Smokey, juicy and tender with meat falling off the bone.

    When it comes to the actual turkey day I would do everything the same.

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    Re: practice turkey


    Did you measure any temps?
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      Re: practice turkey

      i have a dial thermometer in my door and it registered 600 when I threw the bird it. the skin darkened to crisp deep fried type dark brown crust, just what i was looking for. Some might consider it burnt, but i call it blackened.

      i'll take some pics when i cook the next turkey come thanskgiving day.


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        Re: practice turkey hey mich,,, sounds like you did fine,, here is a link to my Turkey Test Drive.. I didnt use the brine... mine came out great, But do you think it comes out better with the brine ??



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          Re: practice turkey

          Brining makes it moister somehow. But if you brine make sure you don't have a pre-basted or self basting bird. It will be way too salty if you do.

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