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  • Welcome Back Sharkey! Joe & Russell said it well and I'm sure everyone on the forum will benefit from your input and experience. All smiles here...
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    • Sharkey - welcome back indeed! Add me to the list of people that copied your arch design (I think I actually copied two folks that copied you). I have taken to calling that shape the "serpentine arch", as I think it sounds as cool as it looks. Bringing back your pictures was an awesome thing to do and will serve as an inspiration to generations of future builders.
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      • I know this thread hasn't seen action in a while. But the build and everything around it is absolutely astonishing. Sharkey I was inspired by your build and thanks for documenting and sharing.

        Especially the oven opening and the vent. Looks great and I'd like to emulate it.

        But for me, maybe I'm too stupid but I cant for the life of me figure out how you cut the bricks for the oven door so that the back of the bricks became part of the dome. Is there some kind of formula, instruction or hack you can share ?
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