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Napolitian style 106cm build inside a hobbit house - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Napolitian style 106cm build inside a hobbit house

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    Glass??? I used ceramic fibre rope; just jammed it into the gap.


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      With such a huge oven your flue gallery is going to be a small percentage of the mass of the dome and floor so you may be better to place the thermal break/expansion joint between theflue gallery and outer decorative arch anyway. In that position it won't see such high temperature as well. I use a 6:1 vermicrete for the gap, but others use ceramic insulating blanket or just unfilled (air). The gap at floor level will fill with ash which is not a bad insulator. If using blanket be sure to use the type that is exonerated as a carcinogen.

      i hope you have a large forest nearby to fuel your oven, you'll need it.
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