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    Re: Oven Build 900mm - NZ

    Hi Guys,
    @ukExile I've given up on EQC bunch of wallies the lot of them. still waiting of our inspection from Febs quake. ended up taking the chimney down ourselfs and fixing the roof.

    Yes I've been considering using full refactoring cement for the tiles around the door as this will get the worst of ware.

    I will have a think about the door way/flue..



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      Re: Oven Build 900mm - NZ

      Hey everyone, me 'the wife' is building ours, have just started (basing it on the shed mag but with a few changes), using reclaimed firebricks from 2 relocated house chimneys before they got demo'd, and 1920's chimney bricks for the dome, mine will eventually be put onto a macrocarpa sleeper table but for now is on a 75cmbase from Brick & Cobble Factory from Henderson, i got a few extra firebricks (seconds $4 each) from Certec Industries (these guys are a onestop pizza oven shop for info & supplies or precast domes, top quality customer service & happily answer all your questions), they also have quality premixed refractory glue/cement ($99 25kg pail), you can get your ceramic blanket from Crow Refractorys in Manukau (hes another one stop shop that ships all over nz, ring him for a emailed pricelist, not as hot on the verbal info though) or Bot Pots in East Tamaki. Ullrich Alumnium sell a heavy grade tinfoil by the mtr, way better than the thin stuff you buy at the supermarket. See my progress via fb My Pizza Oven | Facebook (p.s after umming & ahhing ova how to cut my bricks i tried the old fashoned way of brick chisel & hammer, after a couple of attempts i got it right & no longer need to hire a brick saw....even hubby cant get them as good as mine!!) my project anyway...hes aloud to, look, not comment or touch!lol