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How long to preheat a Pompeii pizza oven?

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  • How long to preheat a Pompeii pizza oven?

    Hey guys, I hope you're all doing fine. I have a question. I am about to build my first Pompeii pizza oven. I was just long do I need to preheat it before I can insert a pizza in it? I've read somewhere from a guy that owns one of these that it takes 4-5 hours to preheat it. Also, how much wood do I need? I'm just doing some calculations.

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    I'm new to this but believe it depends on the size of your oven, thickness of your bricks (thermal mass) and insulation below cooking floor and around oven.
    I think it takes about 2 hours for a 36"-42" oven with 4.5" walls... but could be wrong.

    I'm building a 32" oven with 4" walls and 4.5" insulation, so i think it will heat up quicker.
    My 32" oven, grill & smoker build