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What material is better for trailer?

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  • What material is better for trailer?

    Hey o!

    I am building a mobile oven from scratch and would like to know what material would be better to use for the hot face (my first layer)? Would refractory cement hold up well for the road conditions, or should I go with bricks?

    Thanks! I know this question has probably been asked many times on here, but it's easier to just ask again instead of spending the time searching for it.

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    Me too,,, have you found any info on best materials to use???


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      A brick oven is likely to rattle to bits, especially if taken off the bitumen. Some manufacturers give customers the option of a one piece cast dome rather than a multi sectioned one for this reason, although a one piece casting is more prone to cracking from uneven thermal expansion.
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        Thank you, yeah Im planning on casting it myself from powdered clay, iv heard something about calcium aluminate and polypropylene fibre and sand. Does this sound about right?? Im going to build it on checkered steel plate with a perlite base and a brick floor. And then the dome on top with a blanket of some kind?? ( wander if you can suggest something here please?) and ideas on strapping it down would be appreciated. And a coating over this.... does this sound ok?? Id love your advice, as Iv seen you be so patient with new mobile builders on here, and you have great ideas and wisdom. Thank you again.


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          Hi again! I was going to cast it over a mound of sand and cement. Is this the best way??


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            Hello, to build the dome and the best inside material of the dome would be what? Stucco? and if so on a mobile pizza trailer would it break into pieces?


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              Originally posted by Poochdog12 View Post
              Hi again! I was going to cast it over a mound of sand and cement. Is this the best way??
              It is the simplest and easiest way I think. There are a number of well documented builds in Other Oven types. Here are a couple that should answer most of your questions and probably pose a few more.


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