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My 50 inch oven build in India !!!

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  • My 50 inch oven build in India !!!

    About 2 months ago my son was looking for a wood fired 50 inch diameter pizza oven.
    I browsed through many if not all the videos available on youtube and also learnt about the Forno Bravo forums for in depth knowledge.
    I started building this 50 inch oven over a base of concrete on a rectangular steel frame of 1 inch X 3 inch.
    The pictures are self explanatory of the build process.

    The only problem that I have faced was to join the the arch with the chains due to the compound angles in the joints. In fact, I just had a 4 inch angle grinder and a 4 inch tile cutter as tools.
    It was very difficult for me to determine the exact angles and then cut to size based on those angles using the above 2 tools.

    I reached at a point where I was thinking of dismantling the chains which had reached till the arch and start all over again after buying some more tools like miter saw etc. before I start again.

    I then thought and decided of removing the arch and complete the dome first and hoped if that holds itself and surprisingly it hold itself without collapsing. I however used a car jack to support the bricks under the removed arch to prevent it from collapsing while the mortar was drying.

    When the oven dome was almost complete and then I started to add the arch by marking and cutting the bricks of the dome with the angle grinder and matched with the arch and it matched perfectly.

    Now just the front arch remains and I am hopeful it gets finished this weekend.
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    From pouring concrete for the base to laying the 4 inch insulation bricks to hearth floor...
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      The build starts and comes to a halt when the chain reaches the level of arch and I find it very difficult to cut the bricks in correct shape using just the hand tools...
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        Eventually... I was left with two options... to carry on with the dome completion without the arch (after removing it) or to dismantle it and build it again with proper tools at hand.
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          Completed most of the chains except three and then tried to build the arch with the available structure and it was done successfully...
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            Almost there... Just the front arch remains and the flue opening... Hopeful to have it completed next week..
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              That is one big oven. Thanks for sharing, keep posting the final steps in your build. Depending on your vent and outer arch set up you may need to buttress the vertical walls due to the shallow arch which has a lot of outward pressure at the arch and vertical wall joint.
              Click image for larger version

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                Thanks UtahBeehiver for the information. I will definitely keep that it mind.

                One more query I have...

                I would like to know if there is a formula to determine the area of chimney that is to be built over the arch.

                Thanks in advance for your replies.


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                  I am not aware of any tabular data on area needed for a 50" oven but if you look at Karangi Dude's first oven, it was a 48" dome and that will give you some info. You can also reach out to him and ask him specific dimensions.
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                    The Exhaust gases Hood arch completed yesterday with the design tips taken from Karangi Dude's 48 inch oven build. I kept the exhaust mouth opening of 30 percent area in relation to the area of the oven mouth.
                    Next is fixing the Thermocouples and the insulation blanket...
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