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Vent transition for clay flue liner

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    Re: Vent transition for clay flue liner

    I do like all the kits and designs on this website. I have sent many people here. You hit the nail on the head. We used about 40 pizza stones in this oven. Our stones are USA made and good for 2400 f. The overall thickness is 3 inches once you slice them up and cement them together. They are $22.95 US and measure 14 in. x 16 in. Thicker than other stones on the market, ours are lead free, pure blend of clays. We used mortar mix with extra sand. My oven with a pile of hardwood, paper and twigs gets up to 900F in 30-45 minutes, depends how fast we pump the bellow. Air flow is perfect. We followed the universal ratio for the entrance and chamber. The hidden transition appeared in a dream. The free recycled components of the oven make the pizza taste even better. Especially after a large glass of Cabernet ! Drinking Moscato now as it's HOT. We use 1 on the BBQ grill too. Another reason to cook outdoors.
    thank you,

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      Re: Vent transition for clay flue liner

      Originally posted by garch View Post
      Azatty--thank you so much! I hardly slept last night thinking about this. I am stealing this idea, with a few modifications.
      Glad that I could help out. Others' posts triggered my evolution, so by all means, post your modifications to it so it can be improved upon.