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Oven door and material choices

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  • Oven door and material choices

    Oven door design and material Choices:

    I'm ready to begin the door construction

    The back of the door will recess 4" into the oven opening.

    To insulate, I am weighing the pros and cons between CFB, Fireblanket, or Foam glass block.

    Also considering best gauge stainless to use, with strength, durability and weight being factors.

    Will likely have two spring door handles.

    Opting not to include a thermometer

    I have already visited/posted on the "Show us your Door Thread"

    Does anyone care to weigh in with some facts & opinions?

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    I made mine out of 1/8th" steel. It has 2, 1" of CFB encased, with a thermometer installed. It works better than anticipated, maintaining temps for quite some time. The only thing I would change is building a secondary door with a window and added vents for smoking. At least one other person on this forum has done this, very ingenious.
    My oven build in progress: