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Vent - Front or Center?

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  • Vent - Front or Center?

    Hi All

    After fabricating my Stainless Steel Oven, I ended up with some issues mainly heat retention (Posted about it in another section on this forum).

    I suspect the issue is with my Vent and Flue - right now my vent and flue is in the oven chamber but as far front as I could bring it close to the oven entrance. Anyways, I read that placing the vent inside of the cooking chamber isn't ideal and then I also read that there are 2 optimum vent designs - one is just outside, above the oven opening and the other is in the center of the oven. I understand how the vent sits outside the oven opening but I'm struggling the visualize the center vent system.

    From what I've read and pictures I have seen, it looks like the center vent is inside the cooking chamber, something similar to what I have - is there something I am missing?

    I've attached a picture of a center vent I found online.

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    This oven looks like a FB Napolinio which although the vent appears at the apex of the oven the actual vent entrance is in front of the door, this is known as a beaver or squirrel tail bent. The vent does not come off the heat chamber. You can see this in FBs drawings on their website.
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      UtahBeehiver - Aaaah I see it now. There's a opening at the mouth of the oven that channels back over the dome to get the flue at the center of the oven. I wish I had known that before I finalized my oven design.

      Any suggestions to circumvent the flue sitting inside of my oven?