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Fire Brick Question

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  • Fire Brick Question

    I have found "fire brick" at a local home depot for 1.00 a brick. It is made by Pacific Clay. Their website had the following data sheet:

    Reference: Extruded Fire Brick Please accept this Letter of Certification verifying that Pacific Clay Brick Products “Fire Brick” (4-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 9” or 4-1/2” x 1-1/4” x 9”) will withstand temperatures of 2700 ? F. with an Alumina (Al203) content of 21% and a Silica (Si02) content of 70%. The Pyrometric Cone Equivalent (PCE) is 18-19 and the modulus of rupture (MOR) exceeds 1000 psi.

    This brick is not refractory brick and will not meet the ASTM specification for refractory brick. Pacific Clay is in conformance with ASTM C 1261-10 (Standard Specification for Firebox Brick for Residential Fireplaces)

    Reading through the specs and comparing to the FB brick primer the Alumina content seems low, even for a low duty brick. Cant beat the price though.

    Any hesitation about using this product for the floor and dome and arches?



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    I wouldn't hesitate. They're more than sufficient for the heat of a WFO. The alumina content is only a couple percent less than most low-duty - although the 2700 degree rating is probably not accurate. That's a medium duty brick
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      What thickness are they? If they are 1.25" then they are splits I see both thickness listed. Should be the 2.5" thickness
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        They are 4-1/2" x2-1/2x9" ones. Thanks for the info.


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          I wish that I could have gotten mine at that price! Make sure that you get enough to finish. You can always take back what you don't need. But, you probably won't be able to get them at that price if you wait.
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            Great Price, like gulf said, buy a few extra for opps and such. As you sort, pick the best for the floor and the second strings for the dome.
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              Great, thanks much I will buy plenty of extras.


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                Use some of the best for your door arch .. the top of the arch where all the heat exits takes a lot of thermal abuse and the bottom bricks of the arch take a beating with oven tools and grates/pans etc.


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                  Hi Ben, I see your in Mesa, AZ. I have just started to make plans on making a Brick BBQ and WFO, just curious on how your WFO is going and which home depot you found the firebrick? Thanks


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                    Those fire bricks are the ones I have found locally. Did they work just fine for you?