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How to identify kilned brick?

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  • How to identify kilned brick?

    So, I'm having trouble getting firebrick near me. They are prohibitively expensive anyway. There are occasional recycled bricks for sale, including some that I know are kilned red clay brick. They are quite sought after. But I wouldn't be able to tell by looking at them.

    I'm looking for any kilned clay brick for the construction of the hearth and dome. Is there an easy way to identify them?
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    Have a google search for fire bricks in Australia and I think you'll find a good few sources. But, you're right, of course, they are pretty expensive! I'm not sure if you have old nightstore heaters in Australia like we have here in New Zealand but I have found the bricks from old nightstore heaters work really well. Usually, the heaters are "free to a good home".
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      I heard pavers are pressed red brick. I have a stack of them. Any chance anyone here can identify it if I posted a picture?