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Smallest Portable Oven?

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  • Smallest Portable Oven?

    I want to build an oven that can be self contained and moved around fairly easily and still cook a 9" pizza at the proper temps.

    Here is what I'm thinking:

    1. Cut an 18" steel pipe down to a 27" length

    2. Cut the pipe lengthwise 3" over center

    3. Weld a 1/4" plate to replace the cut off section in order to create basically a half cylinder shape

    4. Line the bottom and top with standard 3" x 4.5" x 9" firebricks as illustrated in attached photo. It will take 39 bricks. (the bricks are cut and placed so that they cannot move, no mortar or securing is needed)

    4. Weld a 1/4" plate on each end

    5. Fabricate endplates for the front and rear (opening in front, sealed in rear)

    6. Weld big handles on either side so two guys could carry it

    7. Paint the outside with a high temp paint

    I have attached a few images that may help to illustrate my idea.

    The total outside dimensions would be 27" x 18" x 16".

    What do you guys think?

    Is it two small to work?

    Does it need a chimney?

    Does it need a door?

    Would two guys be able to carry this 400 lb oven?

    I would appreciate any input.

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    Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

    I am going to point you to my build for starters. You can find it here


    I rountinely cook 9 and 10 inch pizzas without a problem. It's probably the smallest oven on the site. Look over (or search the forum) the Weber modifications. Some guys have been having success with this.

    I would not really consider 400 lbs to be portable. More like hernia time

    The only drawback to these small ovens ( excluding the small pizza size) it the fact that they have do not have enough mass to retain heat. You have to fire them continously in order to make pizza

    Good luck and keep us posted

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      Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

      I took a similar route as Bruce (BrokenCookie). In fact, his posts were one of my inspirations. Small, light, portable, able to get the oven up to pizza temps in 20 minutes, propane-powered, inexpensive, and can crank out at least a dozen 12" pizzas (one at a time, of course!).


      A comment or two on your design below - have you planned on insulation? And do you think that your design will allow enough oxygen to get to your fire in back (I don't know myself)? I got to admit, paint the thing red, and it definitely be the center of attention wherever you put it!

      And if you do build it, post pictures!
      Good Luck,


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        Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

        Hey thanks for the interest.

        I really don't know if it will work or not.

        I got the exterior all welded up except for the front plate today and I'll begin cutting brick tomorrow morning. My plan is to get the brick in there and go ahead and try to use it before I weld the front plate on that way if it does not work I can modify it and maybe put a chimney on there.

        I will post a few photos tomorrow.


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          Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

          Your plan includes no insulation. This means that those welded-on handles are going to be more than five hundred degrees. It means that you are unlikely to get the thing up to pizza temperatures, or keep it there. It also looks to me like it's so small that there's no room for a fire in there. If the fire goes in the back, remember that it's hard to keep an eye on the browning of your pizza if the leading edge is away from you.

          I'd rethink this before going to a lot of trouble and expense.
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            Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

            I've got 12 bricks left to cut before I assemble it tomorrow. It's going to be pretty heavy...


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              Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

              I figured out a better way to cut the bricks and got the oven mostly put together today. Everyone was right about the chimney. It wasn?t breathing so I had to stick one on there mid-burn. The bricks at the top of the arch hit 1200?. Pizza tomorrow.


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                Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

                I cooked a few pizzas yesterday but the oven takes a long time to heat up and the front cools down very quickly. Don't bother messing with a barrel shape, go with a dome. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way.


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                  Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

                  I wouldn't give up just yet. The heating time is most likely due to a lack of insulation. This forum has A LOT of information on insulating ovens. Just make sure you do the sides AND the bottom.


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                    Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

                    Here's another idea. Why not brick up your two ends, and have your door in the center? That way your fire could be somewhere useful rather than stuck in the back. I second the insulation suggestion, of course.
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                      Re: Smallest Portable Oven?

                      How much does this oven weigh?

                      I like the design

                      Maybe get 1 inch ceramic insulation then dryvit