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How best to heat water using excess heat from oven

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    Starting on my cast entry arch and vent. Here is a pic of the foam form I'll use to build the full form around. Quick job with a 1 1/2" 4'x8' sheet of foam board from Home Depot. Snowed week is supposed to be above freezing. Hopefully get some work done outside next week.

    See my build thread here.

    See my build album here.


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      Terratree, below are three posts where I have discussed IT designs - at least the way I understand how they work. The first is from my build. There are quite a few designs that get your axis of rotation and pivot point at the center of the oven - you just need to be creative. I was inspired by Gulf's design, and cannibalized an old bike rack to get the piece I used for my IT centerpoint. Did you attach a pic of your IT - I didn't see it?
      Also, I built my dome on top of my floor bricks, and had read somewhere of using news paper to keep the dome bricks from adhering to the floor - possibly allowing some float. Don't know if it was needed but as I said I was just following instructions.
      Lastly, I had a couple different versions of the spread sheet, but between my ability to measure an angle and replicate it on my saw I found it easier to just make two cuts on scrap and see if the bricks fit together enough to eliminate the vertical vee.
      My build thread


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        Hello Everyone,

        Just thought I would introduce myself to this forum. Apilinariosilvia here from US, Looking forward to learning a few tips here! I have a lot of questions so hopefully I can pick a few brains for good advice!



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          Welcome to the forum! What kind of questions do you have - cooking related, oven related, or both?
          You list your location as "United States". Giving a little more location detail can help others give more specific answers to your questions.
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        I built a canopy under which I dry firewood. It consists of 3 walls and a roof. I thought that one open side is enough, because I will not climb into the very middle of a pile of firewood, but I will take those that I hide. If the weather is wet, then cover the open side with a tarp. It took me a long time to make such a small building for firewood, but while there were warm dry days in winter, I tried out my new cordless tools and assembled this shed literally in a day. Of course, I ordered the wood earlier, it was in my garage so as not to damp it in winter. Now, hopefully, I will always have good dry wood for the stove or for the barbecue.
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