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Concrete Pad Depth in Mass

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  • Concrete Pad Depth in Mass

    anyone know the best depth for the pad for us New Englanders?
    Any help would be great.


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    Re: Concrete Pad Depth in Mass

    The standard four inches of reinforced concrete on top of six inches of well drained crushed stone will work fine in almost all climate and soil conditions, if you are building a normal height freestanding oven.

    Footings below the frost line are only used in special circumstances.
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      Re: Concrete Pad Depth in Mass


      We are in North Providence RI just a bit down the road from you 3 years ago we built our oven, we went down one foot! It may be over kill but we did not want to take any chances!
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        Re: Concrete Pad Depth in Mass

        4 inches of concrete with reinforcing is plenty. Use something like 3/8 rebar on 8 inch grid both ways with the ends either "hooked" or with 10 inches bent right angles and tied to outside row.
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