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Bicycle trailer oven

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  • dmun
    Re: Bicycle trailer oven

    I hope Wellington is as flat as a billiard table

    No, seriously, heavy things can be moved by bicycle trailer. Here's an outfit that moved the entire contents of a commercial bakery by bike in Philadelphia:

    Pedal Co-Op | Helping Local Businesses Go Green

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  • Jed
    Re: Bicycle trailer oven

    Hello Timbersmith,

    Your quest is not uncommon. Lots of us have wanted to take this 'pizza show on the road'.

    I built a 'light weight' oven and have enjoyed having the thing. It is great to be able to make a good pizza most anywhere you can go. This is the link to the story about the oven I made. It is a direct copy from an oven that a guy named Brookencookie made, and he reports good results from his oven also.

    There are several different ovens that have been built from materials other than masonry; along the portable line. If you search this forum with the phrase "portable pizza" you will have access to several discussions about, and construction stories detailing the building of light weight ovens. You should be able to design an oven that will work with the materials you have available after educating yourself with the stories from others.

    What materials do you have available? What materials can you fabricate? How much of a budget do you have for this project? These are the questions you will need to detail as you design your project

    Good luck, and keep us posted with your story about your build! Do send along pictures and write with any questions. We might be able to help with the details.


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  • timbersmith
    started a topic Bicycle trailer oven

    Bicycle trailer oven

    I'm planning to build a pizza oven on a trailer that i can tow behind a bicycle.
    Obviously this throws up a lot of design challenges and most traditional materials are out.

    The basic concept at the moment is to make a very small oven, only big enough for the fire and a snack sized pizza.
    Obviously we need a good hearth and are willing to concede some weight here.
    Using sheet metal and air pocket insulation is my current plan for reducing weight. Perhaps modifying a keg?

    If anyone has seen or built one of these, has tips on lightweight materials or other ideas, their input would be much appreciated.