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Adding a smoker

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  • Adding a smoker

    I was asked today if anyone had installed, or thought of installing a
    smoker next to their brick oven. The idea was to re-direct the smoke
    exhaust into a separate chamber for "cool" smoking for fish, etc.

    Has any done, or thought about doing this?

    Thanks for the input.


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    Re: Adding a smoker

    My initial research was to build a brick smoker for briskets and ribs and that's when I came across brick ovens. I'm planning on starting this fall once our Texas heat dies down and I like the pompeii approach versus the casket approach but still researching to see how this oven would do on a brisket. I found this website that shows their construction of both. I haven't called them yet but I'm still wondering if I need both.

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      Re: Adding a smoker

      Do a forum search. I remember someone mentioning usiung the oven as a smoker and it working quite well.

      I plan on experimenting with that since you can trap the smoke with a door and the residual heat storage a brick oven gives would make it great for holding temp. I am too lazy to do like my brother in law, get up very easrly, then tend the smoker on/off all day. Much better to place it in, leave for 8 + hrs and come back when it is done.
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        Re: Adding a smoker

        Here's a thread on it:

        I plan on torturing many a brisket in this manner....
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