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Curved Brick Cuts

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  • Curved Brick Cuts

    Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere; however, I've searched the forums to no avail. Here's my question.
    When laying the oven floor inside of the dome, the floor cuts appear to be actual curves. What type of brick saw can make curved cuts like that? Many posts say they are using a Harbor Freight saw but I don't see how curve cuts are possible with this tool. What am I missing?

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    Re: Curved Brick Cuts

    The curve is made from several straight cuts. Draw the curve on the brick. Start making straight cuts with a wet saw to remove the part of the brick on the outside of the curve. Labor intensive. However, that is how it is often done. Remember you can also build the dome on top of the hearth. By doing that, you do not need to make the curved cuts.


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      Re: Curved Brick Cuts

      Use the above method to remove the majority then simply "nibble" with the wet saw. You will be amazed at how precise you can actually make curves with a bit of practice. Literally within the width of a hair. practice, practice, practice



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        Welcome Jethro

        We set the first chain of bricks on top of the oven floor -You don't need anything but one straight cut to do that.
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          Re: Curved Brick Cuts

          Ok - Thanks to all who responded for the help. Kinda what I figured but wanted to make sure.