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36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

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    Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

    Fantastic! So how was the wedding and (more importantly) the pizza reception?


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      Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

      Do you have any final photos yet? Really interested in your steel stand! How is it holding up?


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        Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

        I've had some cracking issues, mainly the archway. I suspect this was due to not wet enough bricks on the final arch course, and not great mortar at that time.
        Also the main floor brick in the centre of the oven has cracked in half. I can't explain this one...

        The stand has worked out pretty well. No cracks in the hearth, so I don't think thats the issue I'm having with the oven. However I would have welded a couple more 45* supports on the legs and perhaps beefed it up on the front so that I don't have the piece of steel running across. This modification would have allowed for 2 wood carts to slide under the oven and come out between the 45* supports..

        Some pics attached

        Still have to make some kind of enclosure before the snow flies.... Working on a full timber frame with very large windows...


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          Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

          Looks like you added another brace to the front 45's. how would you beef up the front further? And, from what I've read, small cracks are normal. The crack in your arch may be due to the bolt in the joint having a different expansion coeffient?


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            Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

            The whole arch actually collapsed at one point... that was discouraging. One of the bricks has come completely out of the arch. I wedged a slice of fire brick in there temporarily while I work on the enclosure. Will fix floor brick and arch once the oven is closed in and pizza making season slows down.

            see attached for drawings of how I would have beefed it up. I might have also used 3"x.125 or 2"x1/4 verticals as well. I may have also temporarily tack welded a brace at the front for the big move or alternatively I might have done the stand from bricks and built only the hearth on a steel frame that would then be moved on to the block stand. Then I could take my oven on the road.

            If I were to do it over again I would just buy the Casa 2G100, and just build the stand, would've been less expensive and easier. (the 36" doesn't fit 2 16" pizza's as comfortably as I'd like or FB dealer claims). Even after I sell my wet saw I figure I'll only be ahead a few hundred and behind by 60 or 80 hours.
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              Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

              I see on your posts that you're trying to build on a budget. It'a admirable, but Wood Fired Oven and inexpensive don't belong in the same sentence.

              Maybe under 3k is possible. I'm pretty close to 5 on mine so far, and it's not done!

              Purchase wet saw 500$
              Concrete pad 1400$ (for full kitchen)
              3/4 clear gravel under pad 400$
              Stand (materials only) $300
              Oven Kit $1400
              Chimney/spark arrestor/mounting flange $300\
              Extra mortor and fire bricks $120
              Enclosure ????800-1200$
              Outdoor Kitchen???

              With that said I sell pizza's to my neighbours (via 'pizza class') for 15$ each every friday, which is fun and perhaps marginally profitable...

              Good luck


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                Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

                How much was the shipping for the fb mortar? I can purchase refractory mortar here for 100 bucks a bag. Is it worth it?

                So is my budget with the materials I have been acquiring:
                Wet Saw I have already.
                Concrete pad with gravel $200
                Blocks for stand free
                Refractory bricks free
                Mortar $300
                Ceramic chimney $100
                Enclosure $1000
                I haven't decided yet on insulation material because I like the forno bravo stuff, but I can get perlite for about $5 a cubic foot.
                I am sure there will be cost over runs but I am shooting for under $3000. The idea for the oven came from the free brick.


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                  Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

                  Free fire brick is a great start.. I have to admit I really like the FB insulation. Oven can be 1000+ degrees and the tarp sits on top of the insulation: its warm. Same with the hearth, barely warm. Also, the next day after I make pizza (with the door closed over night) I can roast a chicken at 400 deg. without firing, the third day its still around 200ish.

                  FB gave me the mortor for free, I had to pay 100 bucks shipping because I needed it over night for the wedding. It is good stuff (I tried some local and din't like it) you will need at least 3 bags BTW

                  I didn't have time to properly research insulating alternatives, and I suspect that there are good budget ones... I'll still probably fill my enclosure with vermiculite and insulate the door (mine is just stainless 0.095" sheet)


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                    Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

                    Bye the way, what is "pizza class"?


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                      Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

                      I guess you'll have to visit and find out


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                        Re: 36"w/ Steel Stand, 2-3 Week Build

                        how much weight is on top of that stand you think ?