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    After lurking and a few dumb questions I am now ready to start what I hope ends up being a WFO as nice as the ones I have seen on the forum. Since I am retired and in the final stages of haing a house built I have no real interest in the manual labor it takes to build an oven. I have found a "contractor" that has built ovens before and is willing to make adjustments to the build. Also he thinks he can finish in 15 days which probably means 30 but much quicker than I could do.

    My house contractor is pouring the slab on Monday, since I am never sure what kind of quality I get here my slab will be 25 cm (10") thick with rebar in the area of the oven....corner build.

    The pic below is of the forms, note that they are not exact, the tile guy will finish to the correct size...that's the way it is. If too large they cut to size. They love to put concrete in and then drill, chop and cut a few days later. Labor is cheap.

    I will post pics and any comments will be appreciated. BTW the actual hearth and oven build will not start until March 15th.

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    Re: Build in Thailand

    Hi Mike - Sounds like there are some interesting local building techniques there. I am sure that if you know what you want and how you want it done then you will get a good outcome.

    Look forward to following the progress of your build.

    Good luck with it all.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      Re: Build in Thailand

      Interesting is the keyword, almost everything here is built with concrete so it should be ok. My foreman on the job thinks I am a little crazy for a slab this thick. I also have received my inusaltion and I will have 4" ceramic in the floor with 5-6" blanket around the dome....a little overkill but after reading the forum I am not taking the insulation lightly.

      My slab is thicker than the one they laid for my wife's sala, pic of almost finished sala below. Sorry for the sideways pic, not sure how to remedy this.


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        Re: Build in Thailand

        Just noticed your an Aussie in Queensland, my first trip tp Australia was to Cairns/Port of the best places I have ever visited.


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          Re: Build in Thailand

          Foundation poured.


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            Re: Build in Thailand

            View from Dining area.