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Idea parabolic dome design/dimensions

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  • Idea parabolic dome design/dimensions

    Hi folks,

    I've read before that the oven dome should have a parabolic cross section.

    This seems to make sense as all heat rising upwards is reflected downwards to the focal point... the same principle as a satellite dish. So, where should the focal point of the oven be... where you're going to put your pizza/bread? If so, where is this exactly? Right on the oven surface in the centre, or slightly above or below?
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    Re: Idea parabolic dome design/dimensions

    I don't think it works quite like that. The heat transferred from the dome is mostly convective and it is not reflective or radiant heat.

    Also, I would think you would want to avoid having a focal point
    'hot spot" because you want even heat distribution throughout the oven.