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50 vs 42" quandry

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  • 50 vs 42" quandry


    I originally intended to build a 42" oven but now am contemplating a 50 to comfortably accomodate 2 18-19" pizzas. I have plenty of room on the hearth, plenty of materials. From the thermal efficiency experts out there, are there any functional reasons not to go to 50 (takes twice as long to heat, doesn't bake as well as smaller ovens because, whatever)?

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    Re: 50 vs 42" quandry

    One consideration is that it will take considerably more wood and for a longer period of time to get your oven up to temp and maintain temp

    I have a 43 inch circumference and would not have a problem doing two large pizzas as you are describing. Unless you are going to be cooking for a commercial purpose do not see need for this large an oven

    At Thanksgiving have done two 16 pound turkeys at same time, stuffing, roasted vegetables, etc all in this one oven.