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Insulation. Which one is the right one.

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  • Insulation. Which one is the right one.

    Hey guys long time no see. I started working on plans to build a pizza oven like 6 months ago but life got crazy and it got put on hold. No I have a little more time on my hands so I am planning on getting to work on it again pretty soon. I realized that I never really decided exactly how I am going to insulate the oven so I could use some help making that decision now.

    First I was thinking 4" of Vermicrete and I still might go that way but I decided I better explore my other options before I make up my mind. We are planning a 36" dome and we are going to frame up 4 walls and stick a shingle roof on top for decoration so that leaves my options for insulation very open ended. I was looking at the blankets again and found a 50Sq ft 6lb roll for 125 is this enough to insulate an oven by itself or would I need 2 rolls of the stuff? My other thought was just doing loose vermiculite inside the enclosure for insulation but I am worried that won't work very well. Does anyone on here have experience insulating with loose vermiculite?

    Ideally I would like to use the FB blankets but I could only afford 1 roll if I went that route. Alternatively because it would save so much time and effort the loose vermiculite inside would also be nice but I could probably only do about 4-5" of loose vermiculite over the dome., and if neither of those work I could always go with Vermicrete but I though I would see what the general consensus is on that subject around here.

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    There are cheaper places to get the insulation om the net. And if you fill the enclosure with vermiculite it is suprising how much it can take. I used 36 cf over the top of my 3" of blankets. So that was 12 bags at 15$ each so with tax almost 200$ I know I spent less than that on blanket. Look at McGills warehouse they have great prices.



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      I agree. Just shop around and get the best value you can, being on a tight budget. And consider heat breaks and a good insulated door to aid in heat retention.
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