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Mounting Dome to Mobile Trailer

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  • Mounting Dome to Mobile Trailer

    Hey everyone,

    I have a question about making the dome secure on a trailer. Now I was planning on going the paper mache and Clay/Cemente mix route for construction. (Build pile of sand wrap in paper mache, build a layer of clay/cement around it, do a rebar? web around that, add another layer of the clay/cement mix. let dry, remove sand, burn off the paper) <-- TELL ME IF THIS IS BAD PROCESS!

    My question is, how would I mount down the dome? should I have some "steel bars" sticking out of my cement slab and then build off that?

    Let me know thanks!!

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    Whoops sorry for double post, don't know how to delete the extra one!


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      I used some home brew mortar to set my one piece cast dome into position. I cast it separately. If you are casting the dome in place, clean up the slab well wher the castable will contact the slab. I also made some cuts in the slab with an angle grinder when doing the outer shell so it was keyed in. You could also try that for the inner dome.
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        Thank you!


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          My partner and I have also been discussing creating just a steel dome. Thinking we could bolt it down to the actual frame. Do you think we would need to add a layer of clay/cement or some other additive on top for insulation? obviously the steel would conduct heat, but I don't know how well it would insulate it. If anyone has any thoughts please share!