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First pizza!

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  • First pizza!

    After approx. 15 months I finally have a fully functional WFO. Made pizza last night, and we had hearth temps over 800.
    Longest pizza took 90 seconds, and that was a little more charred than we like in one spot, since i didn't turn it quick enough.
    Really great to see how well this works, after all this time. With no door on it last night, and temps in the high 30's overnight, our hearth temps were still 375 this morning.
    It does pay to over insulate. Thanks again to everyone that's helped along the way. Now I only have to build my doghouse, and finish my brickwork. And build a blast door!

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    Nice looking pies! Would love to see the finished oven, too!
    Forno Bravo


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      Here's a couple photos of where we are right now. Trying to finish the brick facade and landing before our weather changes too much. We're getting a bit of a warm-up this weekend, so
      I have a mason coming to help me increase my production. Besides my son's, that'll be the first help I've had. I'll keep the insulated vault tarped until I get a doghouse built over that. Still a good bit to do, but I can see the end at least.


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        looking great! where in NJ are you? im in monmouth county and am in progress on my own 42" corner build


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          We're in Union County. Good to hear more being built in the GARDEN STATE!
          Are you scratch-building, kit-building, dome or vault? They're all good, as long as you insulate the living heck outta them.
          Personally, I went with a lightly-clad, but clad, vaulted design, with as close to ridiculously insulated as I can afford. Early results are
          pretty encouraging!


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            I would agree with you. You need to insulate as much as you can afford. I just finished my door and after 8 days I still had temps of 125F dome and 100F floor. So I'd say it makes a huge difference. I also did a 1\2" cladding as I built my dome. Mostly just to use up the mortar I had that was getting stiff. Congrats on finnishing the oven.



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              im building a dome from scratch. will think hard about cladding. Theres a place in East Brunswick that i am going to get the fiber board and blanket from.