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    So, I'm new here and ever so excited about the options for a Forno Bravo WFO. In particular the Napolino. However, rather than buying it I wondered if anyone had experience in making one themself. I love the design of the Napolino more than any other FB oven and I'd love to try my hand at building one. Any suggestions? Plans?

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    Welcome Pizzayolo! The flatter, Napolino form is a bit more difficult to build but you certainly can do it. There's a build in Norway that's really top notch and that you might find interesting. The builder (Crisp) is very knowledgeable working with brick & metal so it may seem a little intimidating to go through his thread...but take the time and just relax about the tech talk. I've put in his build thread link below:

    Here's the link to a great YouTube video (that was brought up on another thread) on the making of a commercial oven in that style...also very interesting and well worth watching to see how they do the build.

    Even though you "love the design" of the Napolino, there are a lot of awesome regular Pompeii builds that are well documented on the forum (and they ALL make great pizza!). One of the other reasons to look at the Pompeii design is that many of us consider them much more versatile when you want something more than pizza (doing turkeys, roasts, & bread for instance is a bit easier IMHO). Make sure you take a look at the 2nd sticky thread on the Newbies forum "A Newbie's Survey..." plenty of links to great oven projects.

    The builds referenced there are all well illustrated and documented...will really help with basic concepts and tricks of the WFO designs.

    Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress or further questions.
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      There have been a few low dome builds done here in the last year or so. There are a few things that make them a little harder to build but not impossible. If you want to go that route just remember that it will limit what you can cook a little bit as you door will be lower. Also if you are going to go that route you will probably want to get some floor tiles that have a very low thermal conductivity. That is what you need so you can cook at very high temperatures. I like to cook at around 700F to 750F in my oven. I can't go much higher with out having to do half the cook on the peel up by the dome. From what I know most low dome ovens like to cook at 900F or a little more. Do some research and see what you think will fit you best.