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    I have been reading for a while on just about every build to determine the material I will need. I have a couple of questions that I cannot seem to find an answer to yet. If I look at some build pictures some put the floor bricks on their side and some put the bricks on the bigger flat side. Is there a reason why you would want one over the other? Second question, in the pictures of people doing layouts for their builds for a 36" oven, when i do a count on the bricks I am getting tops 40 bricks. Why in the material list of the pompeii oven on the site does it say you need 60 bricks for the floor? and 120 full bricks for the dome? That is a lot of bricks. Does anybody have a rough estimate on the number of bricks that would be needed for a 36" build?

    I am trying to do a material list and do some pricing on the oven build with local pricing, a full fire brick has a cost of 4.30 including taxes, not a lot of clay in my part of the country so they are all trucked in unfortunately which adds to the cost.

    I am also trying to determine if it would be more economical to do a cast pour for the oven instead of trying to build the oven out of bricks. At this point it does seem that it will be cheaper to do it that way but in the long run will I have any issues with a cast pour for the oven? the third option would be to buy the precast kit and have them ship it to me, but then again, the shipping could kill me.

    confused and some help would be appreciated.



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    welcome to the board!

    floor bricks laid on their side increases the thermal mass of the oven, meaning it can store more heat. which means it will cook for longer but will take more fuel and time get up to temp. i'm interested in reply to this as well, in the meanwhile i'm planning laying them flat.

    the estimate is ~correct.

    4.30 seems like those overpriced 3-brick bundles in big name stores. is there really no construction supply places / brickyards in your area?


    My 36" -


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      Home depot price is roughly 6.60 including tax. This price is from a local brick supplier at just over contractor rate. In Nova Scotia. lots of granite here, not much clay to make bricks.