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confusion about concrete slab

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  • confusion about concrete slab

    I'm trying to build the 42" from the book. But the directions for the foundation slab on page 13 say 73"X86". But on page 65 it says 80"x94". Which is it or is it a personal choice? Thanks! -John

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    The Pompeii plans are a good baseline but do have some inconsistencies and dated in some construction aspects. Bottom line, you need to plan your foot print to fit your needs, whether the oven is enclosed, or an igloo, type base, coverings, final outside diameter of your oven, etc. I would suggest you review some of the more documented builds in the Newbie Section under Treasure Archives. Several of us were trying to update the plans but that effort fell into a black hole.
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      Before pouring the hearth I made a full size cardboard cutout of the oven footprint. Helped me to find perfect position and alignment of entry with the already existing bottom Arch. Having a stencil like that will be very useful to visualize the final outcome. As I came to find our 36" ID (all I can fit properly) still makes for a massive oven.

      Good luck on your build!

      My 36" -


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        Genius! I will be doing the same! Thanks!