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Do I have to put the 4th layer over the opening?

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  • Do I have to put the 4th layer over the opening?

    First of all thank you for such a great forum. Quick question - do I have to place the 4th layer of cinder blocks over the opening, or can I pour my slab without it using the forms? I find that the 4th layer makes the opening very small I would have to almost crawl under. I've built a brick grill and didn't come across with the 4th layer but I don't know if the ovens are different. Thank you in advance.


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    The wood storage area access is simply an option. We have folks here who have built drawers and carts that roll under the oven slab and others that include it but find it doesn't work for them because of the issue you have already thought about. The main issue to keep in mind is that attaining the target final height of your oven cooking floor is the critical part. As long as you support the form base well from beneath and use proper rebar within the top slab for the concrete, you don't need the 4th course of cinder block over the opening to the storage area (IMHO). One thing to remember is to use some shims or knockouts under those base form supports as the weight of the concrete will make them difficult to remove after the top slab has been poured and set.

    It's a little confusing in your post when you say "can I pour my slab without it using the forms?". You must have forms to create the concrete top I'm assuming you're just talking about the front span over the storage area underneath the top slab needing to have a continuous line of cinder block across the top.
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      I think Sebastian's question was about whether a lintel is nessesery.

      Our bases have relatively short span and perhaps with enough rebar ( angle iron embeded in concrete ?) it will be sufficient to support the oven weight without flexing, but I wouldn't risk it . To maximize the opening height however I built a brick arch (on the left). Storage area Arch underneath oven opening Arch will look really good too

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        Thank you for the replies, those were my questions. I will either arch it, or leave the lintel. Thanks again!