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Steel work table for stand?

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  • Steel work table for stand?

    I'm planning a ~30" castable oven. I would like to re-use an existing concrete pad in my backyard as a foundation. For the stand, has anyone ever used a work table like this?

    Seems like a convenient solution and good dimensions (60"W x 36"D x 34"H). I haven't encountered any precedence for this in my research - is there a good reason for that or did I not search enough?

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    There are a few metal stands on the fourm, most custom fabricated. With a 30" oven, are you talking OD or ID, I am not sure you can fit a 30" ID on this footprint. 30" ID, 2 X 2" cast wall (4") 2 X 2" insulation (4") and final outside coat, assume stucco 2 X !" (2") = 30+4+4+2= 40"
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      That's a good point, I hadn't considered the width of insulation and stucco. Has anyone done an elliptical shape dome? Maybe it could be slightly wider than it is deep. Or maybe the concrete base layer can cantilever/extend a few inches beyond the steel table top, like an overhanging countertop.