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Gueulard Pizza Oven?! Please dont bite my head off :)

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  • Gueulard Pizza Oven?! Please dont bite my head off :)

    Hi Folks,

    Would a Gueulard work on a pizza oven? Specifically, will it get hot enough (without spending a week burning 1000 Kgs of wood (sarcasm) Thank you and for the purists, please excuse the unconventional question

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    Remember that you can cook a pizza in an electric/gas home oven at a much lower temp than the target 600-800F range in a WFO. The Gueulard oven would certainly be a step up from the home oven, but you would probably not get the "ultimate pizza" without the active fire/doming of the WFO (that is the primary focus in this forum's builds). The other issue that you allude to is that the Gueulard ovens are much more massive than a classic pizza oven. So heating the much larger mass of the Gueulard does mean using a LOT MORE wood than would be justified to bake a couple of pizzas (IMHO ). We have a local bakery that uses a white oven (no opening to the firebox) for bread. They did pizzas at the end of the day when they had finished baking bread and were firing up the oven for the next days bake. They did not bring the oven up to classic pizza temps but it still did produce a pretty good pie. I have noticed in several restaurants that have installed a gas/wood combo oven for pizza, they seldom have the temp much above 500F (if that ).

    If you have access to a Gueulard oven, it certainly would be fun to try it out. It might take a bit longer for the pizza to bake...but I bet it would still disappear from your plate quite easily. And doing a Calzone at the "lower temps" makes for a pretty tasty meal .

    Hope that helps to answer your question...

    Also, do a Google search for Gueulard oven and you'll get quite a few references to similar questions as yours in our forum.
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