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    Hey Guys,

    I'm new to this forum, but must have read the construction book a thousand times. It's a real good guide. At the moment, I'm designing my own pizza oven, and have following questions:

    - Since I'm rather tall (1m93), I would like my oven to sit a bit higher than standard (1m in height). When I make my dome with radius 1m, add insulation etc, my total height becomes +-1m80. That's rather massive. What's the height of your ovens? I guess I'll have to make a shallower dome. However, I can't find much info on the ratio's?
    - Dimensioning of the oven door opening is also a bit vague to me. Do you add insulation around the door opening? And what is +- the proper height?
    - For the construction floor for the oven (so not for the foundation), I plan to have a layer of 10cm of reinforced concrete. Is this enough or should it be 15cm? At what height do I need to add the rebars?
    - My interior diameter is 1m, fire bricks are 0.22m wide, insulation is 0.75m, and then some final layers. So for an internal diameter of 1m, you have an external one of 1,390m?
    - How heigh does the chimney need to be?

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    Thank you!

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    Feels like I've revised my own plans a thousand times...however, after a lot of reading, calculating and a corrugated paper prototype I've fooled around with, the outcome was a 100 cm oven, 0.5 cm floor expansion, 9 cm bricks, 10 cm insulation, 2.5 cm render. This gives 145 cm outer diameter. The dome will be lower than 50 cm. Cooking floor height is 110 cm, I'm 183 cm, wife is 158, so this it fit us both. Total oven height is 175-180 cm depending on how much insulation I put on top.

    If insulation is constant, the overall size of the oven is rather big anyway, even for a small diameter one. It consumes less wood though...

    Standard door height is 63 % of the dome height. There are two comments on ovens with 50 % door height I've found on the web. They are a little more difficult to start up, but works well once the temperature has risen a bit. Stefano Ferrara (commersial Neapolitan pizza oven) has a ratio of 56 %. Too high ratio makes the heat go up the flue. Too low ratio makes for an oxygen deficit and lower combustion efficiency. Most people here use the 63 % rule.

    I would advice to make an oven mock-up and play with opening geometry and height to get a feeling.


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      Nicely done. Have a look at my sizing, it's very similar to yours. I'm tall too so, based on my experience, I think you need to go higher with your floor.
      Relevant sizes here:
      I find a 1250mm height works well for me and shorter people can still use the oven.
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      My 42" build:
      My oven drawings: My oven drawings - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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        My cooking surface is 1110mm from the floor I'm standing on.
        I'm 184cm tall.
        I find myself stooping a little to look inside.
        Its OK, I've made a lot of pizza in it but, time over again, I'd make it around 1200mm from the floor.