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did i use the wrong mix

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  • did i use the wrong mix

    First, thanks for this forum -

    I downloaded the Pompeii instructions several months ago and started construction on a 1200 sqft fieldstone patio with oven last week.

    I poured the base last week for the Stone House oven and now realize that I may have used the wrong mix. I didn't use vermiculite - just regular concrete - is this a total screw up?? I plan on using the fireplace a lot - will it be okay to just use the firebricks on top of the reg. concrete??

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    Re: did i use the wrong mix

    Hi Mini,

    Welcome aboard! I moved this to Getting Started. You should get more help here.

    The hearth under the wood oven has two layers. A concrete slab, that holds everything up, and on top of that, a layer of either vermiculite or FB Board insulation. The oven floor rests on top of that.

    If you follow the plans, I think you should be OK.
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      Re: did i use the wrong mix

      Don't put the firebrick directly on regular concrete. You need some form of insulation, or you will lose all of your heat, resulting in a cold floor.
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        Re: did i use the wrong mix

        Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!
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          Re: did i use the wrong mix

          Whew -

          Thanks alot...