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Vent Floor Thickness

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  • Vent Floor Thickness

    Hi all. Next question time
    I was planning my oven entrance today and had the thought that having a floor thickness that is the same as the cooking floor could wick heat away from where it is wanted. I could be just thinking too hard about this project.
    Any feedback would be gratefully taken onboard.
    Also have decided to go with the fabricated vent and am planning to make the opening quite large. If any problems seen please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Vent Floor Thickness

    Originally posted by boily View Post
    I could be just thinking too hard about this project.
    Im sure thats what too many ppl do, the ovens of old worked just fine without too much technical know how..
    The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

    My Build.



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      Re: Vent Floor Thickness


      By all means, read, plan and think all aspects of your oven through and then through again. Ask the forum members for re-affirmation if you are not sure, rephrase your question and ask again for confirmation from others.
      Change one, two or several things BUT don't go too far away from the plans and recommendations to avoid an under performing oven or worse, a disaster.
      I know that there are dozens of success stories on this forum, I have been through many of them, made my decisions and happy with the outcome. After all your oven should reflect you, your desires and needs. Just don't take it too far away from the tried and proven.
      Many builders here, if they had their time over again, WOULD CHANGE things in their ovens slightly, but not drastically. Insulation, I would bet would be increased to improve the heat holding capabilities. How often do you read on postings, insulate, insulate and insulate more.
      This was the most expensive item of my oven and I would increase the under floor insulation more should I have my build again. Cut corners and pay the price. As someone here once said, "Do it right the first time"!

      If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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        Re: Vent Floor Thickness

        Thanks for the input Rastys. I was going to post about the cooking floor insulation but was embarassed that I had gone too far with it. I have 170mm of vermicrete and 110mm of insulating brick. My concern was just that adding extra mass to the dome was similar to having a thick and maybe unnecessary vent floor that would wick heat from the cooking floor.
        Also having decided to fabricate the vent and entree from steel I have been having trouble finding threads and or pics of examples of this as recommended in the fb instructions. When I say fabricate the vent area I mean steel lintels and vent but keeping the vent support walls in fire brick.
        Again thanks