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Refmix mortar

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  • Refmix mortar

    1. I cannot easily obtain fireclay. Any recommendations instead of the sand-fireclay mixture for the underfloor paste? I was going to use either plan sand or a thin layer of Refmix mortar.

    2. Any objections with using Refmix mortar in construction of the vent, chimney, and openning arch?


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    Re: Refmix mortar

    Hey Jeff,

    Refmix will be perfect for the vent, chimney and opening arch. That area gets hot, so using a high temperature mortar is the right thing to do. Plus, it has a nice, fine grey finish, so it will look nice.

    I don't think you need to go to the trouble or expense of mortaring down your floor bricks. If you can't find fireclay, you can use a bed of fine sand and tap your floor bricks into place with a rubber mallet.

    Would other builders agree with that?
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      Re: Refmix mortar

      I also found that by time i cut all my bricks in half, i had more than enough dust/sand for underneath the hearth. i still have a bag left over. But it would be a long drive from Calgary to deliver it to you )


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        Re: Refmix mortar

        Any idea where you can get refmix or a good refractory cement in calgary?


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          Re: Refmix mortar

          i bought most of my masonry supplies, including Heatstop 50, from

          Alomar Building Products
          7107 Fairmount Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB T2H 0X6 (403) 291-4740

          they are not very good at answering the phone or taking messages, but extremely helpful when i dropped by.



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            Re: Refmix mortar

            Thanks Philip. They were helpful.


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              Re: Refmix mortar

              Good luck with the build. i bought some fabulous stone for the oven opening from Alomar too.