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question re: positioning Casa90 on Cucina stand

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  • question re: positioning Casa90 on Cucina stand

    We notice all Forno Bravo drawings place the oven flush with the front of the metal stand, leaving approximately 8" of clearance at the back. Is there any reason for this? The finished sides of the oven leave almost no clearance. We would like to place our oven at the back of the stand and use that extra 8" at the front for a landing. We can't see any reason why this would be a bad idea. Is there any reason not to do this?
    I should add that we bought the propane version so that we could retrofit it with propane at a later date. We understand that if we push the oven towards the back of the stand, we'll need to re-drill the brackets for the propane assembly, drill a new hole in the backer board, and plug the predrilled hole in the backer board before pouring the concrete hearth.

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    I suggest you talk to FB directly about you question.
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      I agree with Russell. I would be hesitant to give advice on moving the center of gravity of an oven on a commercial built stand. Your contact salesperson at Forno Bravo should be able to get this info for you. But, I will alert Anthony_FB and Alex_FB to this thread.
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        We appreciate the comments and also for alerting the FB folks!
        We understand the the CoG will shift back a bit but it's already biased to the front (chimney side), so if anything it should even out the loading on the 4 legs, which can't be a bad thing.
        Also it's odd how all the drawings with the metal stand have nowhere to put a brick arch (for example), but a large clearance at the back which doesn't seem to have much practical use.
        We'll see what they have to say!


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          Hello @H&H,
          Sorry for the late response. I've just returned from a bit of vacation. The Cucina stands come in many different sizes depending on what you're trying to accomplish. in regards to moving the oven to the back of the stand, if you haven't already, your best bet is to shoot a message to our head of support. Shoot us a call or email us here We use a ticketing system to ensure your question is answered promptly. It will surly come down to a small bit of weight distribution to ensure your safety and of course leaving enough room to finish your Casa90's style.