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Where to buy an Oven Door?

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  • Where to buy an Oven Door?

    Hi Everyone!

    I trying to build a 42" oven based on the plans provided by Forno Bravo. Getting all my insulation and venting materials together for the installation.
    Where is the best place to get an oven door based on the standard size outlined within the plans? If a door has to be custom made, where would be the best place to look.

    I see a website called "Old West Iron" that makes custom doors. Is there anywhere else to consider?

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    It seems most folks make their own. Even if you take a week it's easier to do all the test fitting and adjusting to get a good fit, than to buy a door and spend a decent amount of money on something that may not work very well.

    You could try finding a local welding it fabricating shop that could make one for you.


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      Thank you!


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        Under the forum topic Design Styles... Is a topic thread named Show Us Your Door. Like Grahamstein said, most people who build their oven build their own door (or have a friend with metal skills offered upcoming pizza...) or hire a local metal shop make one. Again as he noted, your oven is/will be "custom built" so expecting to find a good fitting door off the shelf is a bit unlikely. Hope that helps.
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