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Newby needs help on build

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  • Newby needs help on build

    Hello, my wife purchased a modular brick oven last year (unfortunately not from this site). I am ready to assemble it, but I am not sure of the process. I poured a 4 inch concrete slab for as a counter for it. My questions start with do I pour a vermiculite base now for the whole oven, if so how thick and ratio of vermiculite and cement ? Or do I just pour some vermiculite under the oven only ? Second, do I just assemble the oven then, coat with vermiculite and cemnt mix (thickness & ratio ? ), wrap with insulation blanket, chicken wire, coat agai with vermiculite and cement ?

    I am looking for kind of an idea of the process. I think I know, or atleast I think I know what most of the process will be.

    I also want to note I live in lower NY state ( 60 miles North West of NYC ) it can get a little cold in winter. I already planned on putting a roof over it, is their anything else I should consider.

    Thank You All.

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    Re: Newby needs help on build

    My best advice is to start reading.
    There's an e-book and lots of good threads to read through.

    Find a few good threads that you like and read through someones build.

    It sounds like that would help you more than answering a few questions.

    Hope this helps.

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      Re: Newby needs help on build

      Hi Anthony,
      all the answere to your build will be answered and more in the following link to my Pompeii build. Go to the following and follow it through the different liks to the next threads. It will give you all the answers and hints to undertake your build.


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        Re: Newby needs help on build

        Since you are installing a modular oven, the FB oven installation instructions may be helpful.
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          Re: Newby needs help on build

          I'm with David,

          Using the Casa installation guide should definitely get you there. We love supporting other company's ovens!

          The vermiculite layer only has to be as large as the oven -- typically 4" of a 5:1 mix of vermiculite to Portland cement.

          Or, you can use FB Board. It is 2" thick and has the same insulating properties as 4" of vermiculite.

          On top of the oven, a 1/2" coating of high heat mortar over the dome is optional (otherwise you seal the joints), followed by either 1" of FB Blanket then 4" of vermiculite, or 3" of FB Blanket. Finally, you need a waterproof enclosure.

          Keep the questions coming.
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            Re: Newby needs help on build

            Somewhere in Rockland county...possibly Orange county? I grew up in that area of the Hudson valley! Lots of great help on this site! Glad to have you?All the best!
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