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  • Oven door questions

    We finished the perlcrete layer thanks to all your help- I'm using a space heater for the next month at night just in case.

    I'm experimenting with the materials I have left over to make a door, and wanted your input, if possible.

    I have a piece of 2 1/2 inch thick foamglass covered with hardware cloth, with reinforcing sheet metal on both aides, and wooden handles held together with carriage bolts- please don't laugh at my amateur attempt at door design.

    I made a wooden form and am planning on casting the door using a mixture of perlite and refractory cement (4 to 1) to surround the foamglass/hardware cloth, then sealing the casting with a thin layer of the refractory.

    Does this seem like a crazy idea? At least I will get experience with casting which interests me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Oven door questions

    i've been down this road too, I think you will find 4:1 too weak. If it were mine I'd use 3:1 or 2:1 What you gain in insulation value you lose in strength. Perlite can be fired up to 1100 C by the way. You can increase the strength by firing the panel, but you probably need to go to 1000 C. Ask your local potter.
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      Re: Oven door questions


      That will double as a great fish grill.


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        Re: Oven door questions

        Have you thought about using metal plate over the mesh? Masonry materials don't seem like a great coating for something you need to slide in and out of an oven. Too brittle.
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