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  • Home brew cast oven

    I would like to share my summer project. I found a lot of helpful information here and maybe someone can find this helpful.
    I apologize if i use incorrect english terminology.

    I first made a concrete slab of about 10cm with rebar. I made a base using LECA-blocks and mortar. On the top i stabilized using old wardrobe-bars and put a sheet used for casting on it. I then made a concrete slab about 5 cm.

    Click below for photos.
    part 2 in next post.
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    On the concrete slab i put 12cm vermicrete (about 5:1).
    The oven i casted using home brew (3:1:1:1 Sand, Hydrated Lime, Portland Cement and powdered pottery clay) and 2% ss needles by weight. I used a gym ball, old cutting boards and used some (plastic covered) dry clay on top of the opening to create a larger opening in the arch for better smoke extraction. I put plastic wrapping on the chimney base so that it wouldn't stick and then removed it. I put som bbq-skewers as an extra support for the chimney base and then put it back and attached it using home brew.
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      As hearth base i used 5cm fire bricks. The oven was covered in insulating fiber (superwool) and then about 5 cm vermicrete (10:1). The finising layers are a 1-2cm thick layer of stucco and then a thin layer of white cement based material (waterproof but allows diffusion) was applied using a brush. The chimney is detachable, and can be replaced by a insulating lid. Next summer I will do some finishing touches on the base.

      I am very happy with the result so far. Pizza in 60-90s, about 500 degrees celcius in the dome ceiling.

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        Well done!