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Feedback from Perlite/Cement oven owners? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Feedback from Perlite/Cement oven owners?

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    Firstly it is more expensive to fabricate a steel stand and fit it with wheels. Moving the oven should not be a problem regards cracking although it is with a trailerable version. You do need to make sure the wheels are at least 100 mm diam (small wheels risk getting jammed and creating a dangerous capsize with around 350 kg falling about a metre), two of them swivelers and lockable (all these wheels have a load rating that shouldnít be exceeded). Forget trying to move it over rough surfaces or grass. The first steel stand I built was of 25 mm square rolled hollow section, but a fairly thin grade ( 1.2 mm from memory. It seemed plenty strong enough until I mounted the oven on it. I thought it had too much flex, but it still stands and is operating some nine years later without problems. I now use and recommend 4 mm thick 50 x 50 mm galvanised angle, which is much stronger. It is really far easier, stronger, safer and cheaper to build a masonry stand. The downside is that the oven canít be moved.

    Regarding the chicken wire, it wonít do much good in the vermicrete layer but would be useful over the top of it so the outer rendered shell will be reinforced by it. I gave up with this method years ago as it is quite time consuming. I now simply add random reinforcing fibres into the outer render when mixing.
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      Good morning David. If my oven is going to have a total weight of around 350kg then most probably i will make second thoughts for the portable version as my backyard is mainly grass which will make the ovenís portability a nightmare. Itís sad because i collected all the materials needed and i wanted to start the construction now instead of waiting till we move to the new house. But seeing that a portable version wonít be really portable, unfortunately i have to wait till the end of November.


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        Originally posted by mkasap View Post
        ...Did you have any issues with those small holes on the dome after several fires?...
        No, none at all. They are only 1/4" (6 mm) diameter ó I just covered them with the rockwool batt insulation which was then covered in ~2" (50 mm) of perlcrete and then the render coat so they are fully blocked off from the outside.