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  • Alluminium/Stainless Steel Oven


    Has anyone built an oven made out of Stainless Steel / Alluminium like the Pizza Party Ovens?


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    No, but this guy in France uses one....

    doesn't look great, or that safe..???




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      Not sure if mine qualifies.....



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        If interested , I posted regarding thermal mass too.


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          Hi Andy,

          It will help for followers to have a link to your thread. Increasing Thermal Mass
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          Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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            They’re posted elsewhere on the forum, but I’m having trouble linking them.


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              I had lincluded a link to your oven in my post above. I edited it just now to make it more obvious.

              You can find all of your previous replies and threads that you have started by clicking on your forum name. Look for the Activities tab and select About. When you find a thread that you want to link, click or highlight the post number in the top right hand corner. That will bring up a link that you can copy and paste to a reply.
              Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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                Hi All

                I apologies for the delay in my response - for some reason, the notification of these responses didn't come through to me hence I didn't look back at the post thinking there's no replies.
                I decided to do some homework in the meantime on a build I'd like to initiate and thought I would come back here and ask some questions under this post to kick it off again and voila - I see the replies here.

                Droohs, beautiful oven I must say - I'm going to search through the forum for your posts to learn more about what you've built.

                I have revisited the idea of purchasing a Pizza Party but the price is way out of my budget right now that I thought the closest I could get to one is try building it myself. I'm trying to hook up with a Steel Fabricator who can be of assistance from a "Construction" perspective and I'm hoping the vast knowledge on this forum and the little that I have learned over the years can guide us to seeing the project through.

                I think I would start by first getting a good look at the Pizza Party Oven - if anyone out there has a Pizza Party Ballore or Passione oven and can grab some pics of it from all directions, inside-out , under and above - it would be a great way to put a design down on paper.



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                  I've read up on the Thermal Mass subject and this does seem to pose as a problem - has anyone figured out a way to fix this?

                  Also, I'm not very familiar with the design of the Pizza Party oven but I can't see any thermal mass expect for the bricks on the face of the oven - how are they solving the issue?

                  In a nutshell, I'm going to head towards the following design.
                  1. Inner Shell made from Stainless Steel with an inside height of around 60CM.
                  2. Outer Shell made from Alluminium
                  3. In-between the 2 shells, I'm looking at around 50mm Ceramic Fibre Blanket
                  4. From face of the oven will be double walled stainless steel with ceramic fibre inbetween.
                  5. Back of the oven will be Inner Stainless Steel and Out Aluminium with Ceramic Fibre in-between
                  6. I'm not sure where to place the chimney - back or front?
                  7. The oven will sit on a stainless steel tray that will have 50mm Ceramic Fibre Boards and fire brick placed on top of it.