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  • Steel pizza oven

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ID:	418975 Hi everyone. I started constructing a pizza oven out of 10 gauge steel. So I built the whole thing, welded everything together. I wanted to run it on natural gas as that's the pipe you see in the background. I still have to bring the opening out about 6 inch's, install a chimney, doors, run the 1inch gas line from my outdoor kitchen, etc. So a long way to go. I know it's not a professionally created pizza oven and more of a diy deal but I wanted to do this myself so go easy on me. The fireplace I had built several months ago. So far I've put it $280.

    I asked a question in the heat management area and no one commented so I just did what I had to. The back and left side will have the flames, right side will not so I can control the cooking process, the bottom underneath the oven there will be 2 burners heating up the steel plate that the firebricks are sitting on. I put some wood in there to test it out today and I must say it got pretty darn hot. Burned the hair off my arm. As soon as I'm fully done I post more pics. And if anyone wants pics of each step I'm happy to post.

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    I’m not sure if the policy still stands, but members were asked not to give advice or discuss gas firing because of the potential dangers. Kilns and ovens, because they are enclosed chambers, require a flame failure device fitted to the burner. Without this feature a hot chamber could be filled with unignited gas which is extremely dangerous if ignited. If you also plan on using wood as well as gas the danger increases as hot coals can ignite hot unburnt gas. You should get advice from a qualified gasfitter.

    Apart from your burner issue your build looks interesting. I hope you insulated well both under the floor and over the vault. Maybe you could post some drawings of your design.

    Hopefully someone from FB can chime in to clarify their current position.
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      Hi Dkeshish ,

      Dave is technically a point. Though discussion of gas assist is not "strictly taboo", Forno Bravo does not advise the introduction of gas to non-engineered ovens with off the shelf parts. Here is a good read on Forno Bravo's last responses to this subject: Primavera: Add External Gas Heat Source. I will alert Forno Bravo Alex_FB through this post if they want to add further comments.
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        Gosh thanks guys for the heads up and the advice. I guess since I haven't attached the gas line to anything yet I can just go the wood burning route and give it a shot


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          Hello Dkeshish. As Gulf has mentioned, this particular post is a great resources on why gas installs should be UL Tested and / or certified by a similar agency for both the burner and oven combination & installed by a certified plumber. It's truly comes down to safety as to why ask members to shy away from giving any recommendations on non-engineered gas installs.


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            Very Interesting build...

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