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Oven Opening Size - Aga Door?!?!?

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  • Oven Opening Size - Aga Door?!?!?

    Hi all,

    Just about to start my WFO but I need to get your thoughts first! I've got myself an old aga door, 37cm (15.5inch) wide x 32cm(12.5) high (with built in thermometer) which I plan to use on my WFO however my oven is only going to be 80cm (32 inch) in diameter therefore using the 63% rule the dome needs to be 51cm(20 inch) high.

    I'm concerned that the dimensions of the door cause problems with cooking as most openings are usually 12 inch high and say 18 inches wide, they also have an arch opening however the aga doors are rectangular therefore the opening needs to be rectangular too.

    Is the door going to cause more problems than it's worth and should I just forget about it altogether?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Oven Opening Size - Aga Door?!?!?

    Hi Rob,
    The biggest problem I can see first off is the oven you are suggesting is going to be more bee hive (skep) shaped rather than either hemispherical or elliptical (or something akin to those shapes). Just how much the added distance from the hearth to the top of the dome relative to the distance to the sides will effect the cooking I do not know. It seems most people (OK some people, a few people, just how many people?) seem to think a lower dome rather than a higher dome would be preferable at least for baking pizzas.

    I would hazard to suggest that if you want to use that door then perhaps a larger diameter WFO might be worth considering.

    The issue of square entry vs some sort of arch is less of an issue, rather more of a personal preference and individual skill level.

    Hope this helps,


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      Re: Oven Opening Size - Aga Door?!?!?

      My opening is rectangular, not arched (I have a facade of an arch over it...) so I know that is not a problem. I wonder if the 15" wide is going to be an issue. I think mine is 18 inches wide, but then my oven is 38", so it may still work. Will your biggest pots fit through a 15 inch opening? The 20" high dome makes it more of a "tuscan" oven than a neopolitan oven, but it will work fine for pizzas and roasts and breads...
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        Re: Oven Opening Size - Aga Door?!?!?

        I think that's a good idea. Aga cookers are rather pricey to steal doors from, but rayburns are scrapped out all the time, and have nice thermostat mounted insulated enameled iron doors. With a bit of angle grinder work, you could also use a section of the cooker front that has the hinge and latch to support your brick arch, instead of the angle iron.

        I don't think door size is as critical as all that. Good luck with your project.
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