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  • Pizza oven update

    New job and other projects got in the way of pizza this summer and fall. I'm cleaning and painting this week.

    I put a small fire to dry it out if it absorbed any moisture for a few hours. Put some more wood, just shy of the big crazy fire,band ten mins later heard a ping noise I haven't heard in a long while. I guess,. what's one more crack?

    I've got a few more cracks than when I last posted, but it's doing great.
    Gearing up for 20 friends and family for pizza next Wednesday and most of the same crew for pizza oven turkey on Thursday. I'm going to spatchcock it this year so it should cook faster. That's also a good way to cook the bird if you have low door clearance issues.

    Pics of outside and inside to follow! Cheers Christo
    My oven progress -