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insulation break at vent and landing

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  • insulation break at vent and landing

    picture attached is not my oven but has got me to thinking

    During my first build I thought it would be good to stop heat from heading out into the landing area. Thought about this type of treatment shown in picture and even on the landing floor. My thinking is why waste heat out into this area. Did not want to do it as it was my first oven and wanted to keep things simple.

    1-Is there any merit to this idea and has anyone done this with good results?

    2-Also wondering if I use a medium duty fire brick for dome and oven arch maybe a light duty would be best for landing arch and landing floor coupled with the insulation? (as the light duty would reach soak earlier and rob less?)

    3-Third question is, if insulation was used in this manner as shown in picture is it ok kind of exposed to flames, I am assuming I would kind of seal it in with a bit of high heat mortar but then that mortar is a conducter of heat as well? These are the kind of questions I had last time that made me think just keep it simple but I am asking for help this time and thanks in advance....wayne
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    Re: insulation break at vent and landing

    Wayne, I asked the same question in a thread a few days ago.
    Originally posted by lburou
    .....As a side note. I also purchased some Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) today. And, unless the old timers here talk me out of it, I plan to circle the inner arch with these insulated bricks -so my oven door will touch only IFB. Hopefully, that will slow heat loss out of the dome toward the oven landing. Anybody have any thought about using IFB?
    Originally posted by Lburou View Post
    I haven't found an oven build using IFB on for the use I am proposing. I'm open minded about it at this time and a respected senior member could talk me out of it if its a bad idea.

    Thing I noticed unloading the IFB is that it is VERY light weight and surprisingly SOFT. In my sleeplessness last night, I grew concerned that the IFB surface on the oven floor or at the edges of the doorway would scar easily with peel and pan traffic. Will have to work that out until I can feel warm and fuzzy about that risk. All WFO designs lose a lot of heat out the front door and I want to slow the -after pizza- heat loss with a good door and, hopefully, a successful design to incorporate IFB in the landing structure.......If you old timers have any thoughts on this, they are welcome!
    A trusted sage had this response:

    Originally posted by dmun View Post
    Insulating fire brick is insulation. I'd think long and hard before exposing any insulation to the interior (or exterior) of the oven, although in this case the insulation is made of the same stuff as the firebricks, and what flakes off is not a super health hazard, like some other refractory products might be.

    If using it as anything more than a thermal break, keep in mind that it has the same thermal insulation value as vermiculite concrete, and you need the same thicknesses to be effective.
    I've since decided not to use the IFB for the inner arch. Or the outer arch. Or the floor. That leaves the space on the sides of the oven landing from the floor to the flue opening.....That much insulation would help some. The brick I have is so very soft that it would not wear well on the floor, or, as a stop for an oven door. Still undecided. It seems like new ground for our hobby Maybe its just foolish winter thoughts, in any case I'll be dig in this week with cold weather coming......
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      Re: insulation break at vent and landing

      Check out this link, there is talk about making an air gap to help reduce heat loss.


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        Re: insulation break at vent and landing

        Have just been discussing this point on another thread.'took the plunge"
        Because the area will be in contact with food be careful what materials you use. I use vermicrete which is safe. Because I cast my arch in one piece I made the inner face of the arch, about a third of its depth, using insulating concrete also.
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